How It Works


Create Your Gift Page

Fynches will auto-magically create a gift page for your child that you can easily customize.


Add Your Gifts

Choose form our amazing collection of curated gifts and experiences and add them to your gift page.


Share Your Gift Page

Easily share your Fynches gift page with friends and family so they can purchase a gift for your child.

Gifts and Experiences Your Child Will Love.

From swimming lessons to adventure parks we have everything you need to make your child’s next gift an unforgettable experience.


Gifting Made Easy-Peasy For You and Your Guests

Fynches takes the guessing out of gifting. No more dreaded gift duplicates, endless gift questions, or last-minute trips to a store.

  • Reduce the time your friends and family have to spend searching for a gift.
  • Avoid duplicate gifts, over-gifting, and constantly answering the “what should we get?” question.
  • Help friends and family gift experiences that will help your child grow and create magical memories.

Kids and Parents Love Fynches

Happiness Is Our Mission

We believe that providing fun and enriching gift experiences helps children lead healthier and happier lives.

  • Experiences help kids develop friendships, empathy, curiosity, and set them on a path of self-discovery.
  • Gifts that offer a child a chance to learn, explore, and have fun offer lasting memories they will cherish forever.
  • Scientific research has proven that providing kids with meaningful experiences helps them lead happier lives.